Fight Cellulite Caffeine Body Scrub

Fight Cellulite Caffeine Body Scrub


A body scrub is essential to any body-and skincare regime. Preventing ingrown hairs, build up as well as preparing your skin for any hair removal and moisturization, giving it a healthy glow.

This body scrub is an amazing cellulite combating coffee scrub with roasted ground coffee beans. The product adheres easily to the skin and has mixed fine grains of coffee, making it optimal for a thorough exfoliation. The coffee is loaded with anti-oxidants that can prevent premature aging as well as extracts with coconut oil that make the skin incredibly smooth. This refreshing and circulation boosting body scrub will minimise the appearance of cellulite whilst uncovering clogged hair follicles leaving your skin toned and smooth.

This body scrub cellulite combating treatment is perfect for all skin types, refreshing and firming your skin.



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