Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust


Pixie dust or the crust of cotton candy? This enchanted solution is not only every girls’ but boys nostagic dream. This scent will keep the boys in wonder, happy just to smell you.

Rub the forbidden fruit on all your hot-spots.. The perfect blend of citric fragrances and the sweet, nimble yet erotic scent of strawberry. Hot-spots has a warm deep setting aroma upon application. Janou brand creates niched/tailored fragrances that fuse with your own scent, essentially making you the base note and key component in your scent. Enhancing your identity is our passion. Go ahead, try it and go wherever the scent takes you. Is it Janou or is it you? Find the Janou in you. Follow the scent…



Luxurious Pure & Natural Skincare

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