Anti-aging Re-boosting BODY LOTION

Anti-aging Re-boosting BODY LOTION


A moisturizing body lotion is an essential skincare product to re-nourish and boost skin after dehydration, strain or wear caused by shaving, showering and environmental toxins transferred onto skin.

This luxurious botanic Co-Enzyme Q10 body lotion enriched with powerful antioxidants aids in stopping cellular deterioration and facilitating the repair of damaged cells. Co-Q10 is renowned for it’s anti-aging qualities and this lotion is specialized to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, protect the skin and stimulate skin cells for a younger looking skin. The combined ingredients with coconut oil and olive oil give this natural formula such a creamy consistency that only a small amount is needed to get a re-boosted and smooth skin.

Although specialized for mature skin, this product is also suitable to use on all skin types for a smooth, soft and glowing skin.


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[tab title=”Skin Type:          “] Mature,  Sun Damaged [/tab]
[tab title=”Series:          “] Rebirth Series [/tab]
[tab title=”Product:          “] Bath & Body [/tab] [tab title=”Star-Ingredient:          “] Coenzyme Q10, Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil [/tab]






Luxurious Pure & Natural Skincare

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