Why You Should Switch to Organic Skin Care

If there is one beauty trend that seems to be getting its fair share of attention and hype, it is organic skin care. A lot of people, particularly celebrities, are switching on to organic skin care products and letting others know about it. Before passing off organic skin care as just some Hollywood trend, read […]

Taking Care of Acne Prone Skin

Acne is not confined to teenagers and puberty, it also prevalent in adults and in women mostly during pregnancy. Acne is often characterized by pimples and breakouts all over the skin in large numbers, frequently seen on the face and the back. It is caused due to the overactivity of the sebaceous glands or the […]

Skin Care: From an Inner Radiance to an Outer Glow

When we were young, our mothers may have told us to take care of our skin, but did we listen? Or did we spend our summers baking in the sun and our winters bracing against the cold and frost with nary a sign of moisturizer? Even if we abused our skin in our youth, the […]